The Third Wave of Corona can be Dangerous for those Who do not take the Vaccine: Expert Warns


The corona epidemic in the country is not going to end so soon. Experts have also warned about this and advised you to be cautious. However, despite this, people are roaming from place to place without any fear.

Since the vaccination campaign against Corona is going on very fast in the country and more than 50 crore vaccines have been administered so far, but in the meantime, the third wave of the epidemic has started worrying.


We have already seen the devastation of the second wave, how many people have died, and now if the third wave comes, it is difficult to tell how much destruction it will bring. Therefore, everyone is being advised to follow the rules to avoid corona. Apart from this, taking the vaccine is equally important, because it can save you from the risk of death.

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Should patients with comorbidities get the vaccine after getting their checkups done?

  • Dr. Rajendra K. of Lady Hardinge Medical College. Dhamija says, ‘Whoever are patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, etc., they get checked up every month.
  • But even if the checkup has not been done and the medicine is going on, then it is not necessary to get the vaccine done first. You go and get the vaccine.

In the second wave, most people are troubled by long covid, what is the advice for people?

  • Dr. Rajendra K. Dhamija says, ‘Yes, we have seen in Long Covid, it is about three months to recover and the smell is not coming.  Apart from this, many symptoms like cough, fatigue, breathlessness, irritability, confusion, forgetfulness, etc. are being seen.
  • The government will soon issue a guideline regarding the symptoms of these long Covid.
  • For this, a committee was formed, in which it was seen which disease needs treatment in post covid and which should not or who should be taken seriously.

How do you see the current situation of Corona in the country?

  • Dr. Rajendra K. Dhamija says, ‘The situation of corona in the country is still over, but the virus has not gone anywhere. The danger is as much as it was before.
  • Cases have started increasing once again in many other countries. So we also have to be careful.
  • Be sure to get the vaccine along with the Covid rules, because for those who have not got the vaccine, the coming wave can be more dangerous.

Delta Plus is being talked about a lot in the third wave, what will you say?

  • Dr. Rajendra K. Dhamija says, ‘As a common man, it is our responsibility and duty to follow the Covid rules. It is under our own control, we can avoid the virus.
  • As far as third wave and delta plus are concerned, the potential for transition is very high.
  • There have also been many cases of this in the country, but even after all the variants, if we follow the Covid Appropriate Behavior, then we will be safe.

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