The Story of an Island Full of Snakes: From Where it is very difficult to Return Alive

There are more than 4000 snakes of different species on this island

There are many such places around us, which are full of adventure, mystery, and wonders. There are many places where the beauty of nature is seen, while there are many places that are full of risks.

Have you ever heard of such places, where snakes rule, not humans? If not, then today we are going to tell you about a place we’re going to that is not free from dangers. There are so many snakes living in this place that even if a person goes there by mistake, then he cannot be expected to come back alive.

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Snakes Island

  • Actually, this dangerous place is in Brazil, which is known as ‘Snake Island’. The real name of this island is ‘Ilaha da Queimada’.
  • Although this island looks very beautiful to see from afar, you will be surprised to know that the world’s most dangerous snakes are found on this island.
  • Snakes of Viper species are also found on Snake Island. Snakes of this species also have the ability to fly. It is said that the venom of these snakes is so dangerous that it even strangles human flesh.
  • The Brazilian Navy has banned the visit of ordinary people to this place.

Only snake experts are allowed to go for research on Snake Island. However, they also return after researching only in the coastal area. They do not even have the courage to go much inside the island.

However, some hunters stealthily go to this island and illegally catch snakes and sell them. The price of the Golden Lancehead Viper found here is Rs 18 lakh in the international market.

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