The Right Way to Administer Covid Vaccine: Why It Is So Important

Vaccination has become a very important thing to have nowadays amid covid breakdown, where everyone is booking slots and taking the dose. Have you noticed the way of administering vaccination or will you believe that the wrong way of injecting in your bodies can cause you blood clotting? We will discuss the right way to administer covid vaccine. 

This new study of Germany and Italy says that the wrong way of putting covid-19 vaccines can cause your blood clot. This is why you need to take care of certain things while going to get jabbed. Blood clotting was among the common side effects of vaccination. Previously it was thought that it might be a side effect of medication and various studies have been done over all the vaccines. And surprisingly it was concluded that not using the correct method can cause it. 

Moreover, new studies also suggest that covid vaccines manufactured with adenovirus are administered incorrectly in many countries. Adenovirus is a virus found in humans and animals and responsible for fever, pneumonia, and diarrhea. Though these viruses are also used in making vaccines and currently 3 vaccines are based on this technology. One is AstraZeneca (Covidshield), sputnik V (Russian vaccine), and johnson & johnson. In India, Covidshield and sputnik V covid vaccines are administered as of now. Even though their way of administration sometimes can’t be correct. If the vaccine is not injected into the muscles (intramuscular route of administration) can make the risk of developing blood clotting. 

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In simple words, the vaccine should reach your muscles. But in some cases, it has been found that while giving the shot the skin is stretched before the administration which blocks the needle path and final fluid goes inside the blood vessels leading to blood clots. The right way to administer covid vaccine is to inject the syringe onto muscles. Blood vessels keep the blood flow maintained. So, next time when you take another shot of the vaccine or maybe the first dose, pay attention to the way of administration. If you are taking covidshield or sputnik V, there is no need of stretching the skin before administration. You can oppose this and can inform the health officer appointed at the vaccination center. 

Along with this, you should know about the dos and don’ts before taking a shot. 

What should you do while taking the vaccine?

  • Prefer the vaccination centers made by the state and central government, and avoid the teams who claim to vaccinate you at home, that can be a fraud and you may not get the real vaccine. Hence, prefer the Umang, Cowin, and Arogya Setu app for booking your slot.
  • Ensure which vaccine you are taking and the vial is filling in front of you. If the nursing staff won’t tell you, you can ask them which vaccine they are administering. The central government says that everyone should be told about the name of the vaccine they are getting, it’s your right to know. As there are cases where people are injected with empty vials of water. You can prevent yourself by paying attention.
  • After taking the shot, stay in the vaccination center for 30 minutes. According to the central health department, the vaccine shows side effects within 30 minutes after the shot. 
  • If you have comorbidity and relying upon certain medications consult your doctor before taking the shot. 
  • Ask for your vaccination certificate after your vaccination. 
  • Keep following the covid appropriate behavior and norms like wearing masks, social distancing, cleaning hands with sanitizer from time to time. 

What you shouldn’t do while taking the vaccine?

  • Please go for vaccination after taking the appointment. Many people don’t go even after having appointments. Such kinds of things can waste many doses of vaccines. 
  • Do tell about your disease and medication to your health coordinator before the shot. As it can affect you after vaccination and cause side effects. To prevent yourself from being honest to your coordinator. 
  • Do not consume alcohol before 24 hours of taking the vaccination. 
  • Do not self-medicate, while having side effects. Consult your doctor for the concern.
  • Do not share your vaccination certificate over social media, it may be used for inappropriate purposes. 


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