The danger of Kappa Variant in India One Patient dies in UP: These three Variants of Corona are the Most Dangerous, be Careful

Corona’s first Kappa Variant patient die in UP, treatment was going on in Gorakhpur

The second wave of the corona is not over yet. Its daily affairs continue to fluctuate. According to the Ministry of Health, more than 45 thousand new cases of corona infection have been reported in the last 24 hours. But in the meantime, the different variants of Corona available have raised concerns a lot. Because of this, it is believed that soon the third wave of corona will also come into the country. It is reported that the Kappa variant of Corona has been found for the first time in Uttar Pradesh.

Kappa Variant arose from the mutation of the B.1.617 lineage of the corona, which is also responsible for the delta variant. Actually, the B.1.617.2 variant of Corona is known as the Delta variant, while the B.1.617.1 is called the Kappa variant. A few months ago, the World Health Organization has declared it a ‘variant of interest’.

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How dangerous is the Delta variant?

Actually, the delta variant is believed to be responsible for the second wave of corona in India. There is also a different concern about the same Delta Plus. Its causes have been reported in many states of the country. Dr. Rupali Malik of Delhi-based Safdarjung Hospital says, ‘Coronavirus affects people with comorbidities and they have a higher mortality rate.

In such a situation, it is believed that even in the Delta Plus variant, it can affect such people more. However, other people are also at the same risk of infection with the delta variant. So everyone has to be very careful.

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What is the B. variant of Corona?

Just last month, Pune’s National Institute of Virology (NIV) detected a new variant of corona through genome sequencing, which has been named B. This new variant was found in people who came to India from Britain and Brazil.

A related study was also published in the online journal BioRxiv. The study says this variant can make people seriously ill. It can cause severe symptoms in infected patients. Sudden weight loss is its main symptom. Apart from this, it also injures the lungs and causes heavy damage to them.

B. Is the Vaccine Effective against the Variant or not?

According to the NIV study, the indigenous corona vaccine is also effective on the B. variant of Covaxin corona. This new variant can be inactivated by the antibodies produced in the body after taking both doses of the vaccine.

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Follow these methods to keep yourself safe from Delta or Kappa Variant or any variant of corona

Experts say that to avoid it from Delta to Kappa or B., whatever the variant of the corona, it is most important to wear a mask, maintain a safe physical distance and get the vaccine. Getting vaccinated can reduce the severity of the infection.

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