Wednesday, September 28

Taliban Started Targeting Women Judges and Lawyers in Afghanistan


The talk of atrocities on women had started gaining momentum since the Taliban took over in Afghanistan, but the Taliban is leaving no stone unturned to put pressure on women. Because of this, Afghan women are forced to leave the country.

These include women judges as well. Those who had once been sentenced to Taliban are and are living in danger due to the Taliban and are fleeing the country to save their lives. Apart from women judges, many female Afghan human rights activists are also trapped in Afghanistan. There is a danger to their lives too.

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Women judges fear being killed by the Taliban

  • The Taliban have released all prisoners from prison while occupying Afghanistan. Now he is looking for lawyers along with women judges.
  • The number of these women judges is 250, who are now living in worry that the Taliban may not kill them. The Taliban have barred women from going to work in Afghanistan.
  • The lawyer has also stopped going to the office along with the woman judge. At the same time, other people are also fleeing the country in large numbers due to the danger of their lives.
  • Among them, the number of women judges is also considerable. Some have already fled the country. At the same time, some are still stuck here and are trying to get out of here

Taliban started asking about women judges in Afghanistan

  • A female judge told the media that four or five Taliban fighters came to her house and asked where the female judge was. These were the ones who were put in jail by that lady judge. But fortunately, the judge managed to get out of Afghanistan.
  • Women in the field of justice in Afghanistan have already been a target. In January this year, two women judges of the Supreme Court were shot dead.
  • Now that all the criminals have been released from jail across the country, women associated with the justice field are beginning to feel the danger of life.
  • An Afghan female judge has taken refuge in Europe after facing a similar threat.

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