Story of a Deserted place in India from where Sri Lanka is Visible

Lord Rama broke the bridge with one end of his bow, hence the name Dhanushkoti

On the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, Rameshwaram is a place on the southern side of the island, named Dhanushkodi. This is such a deserted place at the extreme end of India, from where Sri Lanka is visible. There was a time when people used to live in this place, but now this place has become completely deserted.

Dhanushkodi is the only terrestrial boundary between India and Sri Lanka that is only 50 yards in length on a sand dune in the Palk Strait and is one of the shortest places in the world.

Let us tell you that a large number of people come to visit in daylight, but it is forbidden to roam here after dark. People return to Rameshwaram from here before evening. Because the entire 15 km route from Dhanushkodi to Rameswaram is completely deserted, scary and mysterious. Many people also consider this place to be haunted.

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About Dhanushkodi

  • Before the severe cyclone in 1964, Dhanushkodi was an emerging tourist and pilgrimage destination.
  • In those days there were railway stations, hospitals, churches, hotels, and post offices in Dhanushkodi, but everything was destroyed in the cyclone.
  • It is said that then a train with more than 100 passengers drowned in the sea. Since then this place is completely deserted.

According to the beliefs, Dhanushkodi is the place from where the construction of Ram Setu over the sea started. It is said that Lord Rama ordered Hanuman to build a bridge at this place, through which the monkey army could reach Lanka, where Ravana had abducted Sita. Many temples related to Lord Rama are present at this place.

It is said that at the request of Ravana’s brother Vibhishana, Lord Rama broke the bridge with one end of his bow, hence the name Dhanushkoti. You already know the meaning of Dhanush and Koti means head.

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