Pros and Cons of the BMW 6 Series GT 630i M Sport

BMW’s exclusive offering in the form of the 6 Series GT has carved out a niche in the premium segment. The 6 GT is a four-door ‘hatch’ that does not meet the pattern of being a four-door coupe but is more sedan-like than a proper station waggon (or, as BMW calls it, Touring).

The 6 GT, which was first launched in early 2018, was updated internationally last year and arrived in India last month with improvements both inside and out. We tested it in the 630i M Sport trim level, and you can read about our first impressions here. This time, we dig a little deeper to give you five reasons why the BMW 6 Series GT is a better purchase, as well as two reasons why you should consider the crossover/SUV alternatives.


  • There is plenty of space: The BMW 6 Series GT makes a strong case for itself by providing a wide boot and roomy second-row seats. It has a raised roofline that isn’t as flat as a station wagon and doesn’t drop down as abruptly as a coupe’s. As a result, you get an extra 610 litres of boot space, which is significantly more than the 530 litres you get in a standard sedan like the 5 Series.
  • Effortless results: It would be irresponsible if you didn’t get behind the wheel every now and then in your BMW. And if you do, you’ll understand why BMW’s motto is “sheer driving pleasure.” The 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine under the long hood of this 630i produces 258bhp peak power and 400Nm maximum twisting force.
  • A relaxing journey: In Sport mode, the 6 GT’s ride quality improves and the steering becomes slightly heavier. The throttle response is also instantaneous. And, unlike the previous 3 GT, which felt top-heavy when braking or cornering, the 6 GT doesn’t have that problem. Surprisingly, the 630i M Sport is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in grippy Pirelli tyres.BMW 6 Series GT


  • Rear-seat passengers have few options: The BMW 6 Series GT, despite being a luxurious grand tourer, lacks some feel-good features that could have improved the overall experience. For example, neither the front or rear passengers’ seats have seat ventilation or massage functions. We also expected rear-window sun blinds and the ability to switch the front row seats from the back.
  • Not an all-new gen model, but a mid-life update: The BMW 6 Series GT has been revised since it was first launched in 2018. However, only a sharp pair of eyes can notice the changes here. The headlamps have a new LED lighting signature, which is also seen on the globally released 5 Series. The front bumpers have been reworked and the grille has been modified.


The BMW 6 Series GT carves out a niche for itself. It’s not an easy car to understand, but it’s a sensible car to own. It accomplishes everything it sets out to do: it’s quiet, effortless, and a luxurious mile-muncher that’s equally at home in the city as it is on open stretches of road.

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