Wednesday, September 28

Porsche released footage of Taycan Cross Turismo ahead of its launch


Taycan Cross Turismo
Taycan Cross Turismo

Porsche tested the electric vehicle Taycan Cross Turismo and released some footage of the wagon version of what some people call the most driver-friendly electric car on the planet before its launch. This comes after the Taycan idea that was called Mission E. Then the wagon version of the car called the Taycan Cross Turismo was unveiled by Porsche.


The German marquee green-lit a program to make a wagon version of the vehicle because there was such a strong reaction to the idea. The car was planned for late 2020, but, as with anything in 2020, it was pushed back to late 2021 due to the pandemic.


Currently, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is ending its last production drives. The newest edition of the Taycan has been brought to German race tracks such as the Nurburgring-Nordschleife and the Hockenheim Grand Prix circuit by the comprehensive Porsche testing program as well as on proving grounds around it – including one situated in the southern Italian town of Nardo.


In addition, in the south of France and in the Pyrenees, Cross Turismo has been tried off the beaten track. On the Africa-inspired Safari trail, the proving grounds at the Weissach Development Center provided more opportunities to test the off-road capabilities. The Cross Turismo prototypes have circumnavigated the globe almost 25 times, measured at the equator, with a total of 620,352 test miles, said Porsche in a statement.


Of course, we were able to draw on our experience with the Taycan sports sedan while designing the Cross Turismo. The greatest challenge was to match athletic criteria with off-road skills. On the race track, the Cross Turismo must be capable of high performance and must also be capable of handling screens, mud, and gravel. The outcome was impressive. The Cross Turismo, however, is not a hardcore off-road car but specializes in unpaved roads and dirt roads. It’s like a kind of Swiss military knife on up to 21-inch wheels,’ added Stefan Weckback, VP of Porsche’s Taycan model line.


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