PM Calls For Open Vaccine Chains “ One World, One Health” – G7 Summit

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi Has Called for Open Vaccine Chains: “One world, One Health” and Addressed the leaders of G7 Summit. 
  • Although at the chair of the G7 Countries such as UK, India, Australia, South Africa, And South Korean etc. 
  • Furthermore, Mr Modi asked for the G7 leaders to support the new technologies for Covid – 19. Prime minister Narendra Modi has emphasised the “special responsibility of democratic and transparent societies to prevent future pandemics”.
  • Therefore, According to the Sources, Mr Modi has Said that Modi said there should be “one earth, one health” approach, which was supported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Sources said India’s emphasis on keeping “open supply chains for vaccine raw materials and components to help enhance vaccine production received widespread support”.

  • Even though french Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron agreed to stand with India’s demand for lifting restrictions on the export of raw materials needed to manufacture vaccines.
  • Mr Modi also expressed that “India is willing to share its experience and expertise with the rest of the world” 
  • The officials also said that” India has engaged closely with the G-7 on health, climate and environment, digital technology and economic resilience. 
  • Even though The session was titled “Building Back Stronger – Health”, focused on global recovery and strengthening the resilience against future pandemics.
  • According to the statement, PM Modi’s call to keep open supply chains for vaccine raw materials and components to help enhance vaccine production in countries like India received widespread support.
  • Modi sought the G-7’s support for a proposal moved by “India and South Africa at the WTO for a TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) waiver on Covid-related technologies”. Sources said Australian PM Scott Morrison and others came out strongly in support of this.

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  • The Prime Minister highlighted India’s “whole of society” approach to fight the pandemic, synergising the efforts of all levels of government, industry and civil society.

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