Picture of The last American soldier goes viral from Afghanistan


America’s 20-year fight against terrorism is finally over. This campaign in a foreign country was as risky as it was interesting. America’s fight in Afghanistan was like shooting arrows in the dark. After spending millions of dollars, losing the lives of several thousand soldiers, now that dreadful scene has become a thing of the past for America.

After the end of this campaign, the statement of US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has come. He said that 2,461 American soldiers lost their lives in the war on terror in Afghanistan. Apart from this, we have endured a lot that is impossible to describe.

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We will work hard against terror

  • Lloyd Austin said that we have fought many battles against terror. For us, US citizens are first. We are ready to do anything to save them from terror in the world.
  • He further said that we will work hard against terror and will live by eliminating terror from the root.

1 lakh 23 thousand people including six thousand Americans were evacuated

  • After the end of the campaign, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that we have safely evacuated 6,000 of our civilians from Afghanistan amid the threat of the Taliban.
  • A total of 1,23,000 people have been evacuated, including Afghans and others.

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