Mercedes-Benz EQT Concept Unveiled: Electric-powered V-Class

This is the latest Mercedes-Benz EQT, which can seat up to seven people across three rows of seats. The EQT is a smaller version of the EQV, which is an electric V-Class vehicle. However, the EQT is actually just an idea, but the real thing should arrive soon.

  • The EQT EV is expected to be the production version, but petrol and diesel-powered models will be available as the latest Mercedes-Benz T-Class. Five seats will be available in the short-wheelbase variant. A long-wheelbase variant, the 7-seat model, will also be available. In 2022, the EQT and T-Class are scheduled to arrive.

The T-Class, like the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck, was built in collaboration with Renault. Since both use the Renault CMF-B platform, the T-Class and the new generation Renault Kangoo will have a lot in common under the skin. The EQT is Kangoo E-Tech Electric’s German relative.

  • The EQT currently has the iconic Mercedes EQ brand styling in prototype form. The grille panel integrates the slim LED headlamps. However, the expanded grille resembles the EQS concept. However, we anticipate it to be of average size when it reaches assembly, as with all EQ versions. The vehicle has a length of 4,945 mm, a width of 1,863 mm, and a height of 1,826 mm.  It sits on large 21-inch low profile 235/45 R21 tyres.

When it comes to technology, the Mercedes treatment is normal. However, since it’s a Renault, it lacks the large seamless glass panel on the dash that serves as the digital dash and touchscreen infotainment system.

Instead, it has a smaller touchscreen infotainment system in the centre of the dashboard, a standard gear selector, and both digital and analogue driver instrumentation. The EQT will, of course, come with the latest MBUX operating system, which includes “Hey Mercedes.”

  • Traditional doors will provide access to the front seats, while a pair of sliding doors will provide access to the rear seats. Some of the elements seem to be a little excessive. The final production model will have a more conservative appearance. Mercedes has indicated that the third row of seats can be folded down or removed completely to make more space for luggage once the vehicle is in production.
  • Mercedes hasn’t revealed any information about the engine’s power yet. However, whether it is the EV or the petrol or diesel-powered versions, it is supposed to be designed to similar performance requirements as the Renault Kangoo. There is currently no information on when the T-Class or the EQT will be available in India. If Mercedes were to add it, however, it would be placed below the V-Class.

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