Maa Brahmacharini Navratri Day 2| Significance| Puja Vidhi| Mantra

Goddess Brahmacharini rules Mars (Mangal), the planet that showers people with good fortunes

Maa Brahmacharini on the second day of Navratri, is worshipped with elaborate puja rituals. Brahmacharini appears in the form of a maiden girl filled with wisdom. She rules Mars (Mangal), the planet that showers people with good fortunes.

Navratri Day 2: Maa Brahmacharini Puja Vidhi

  • Begin the puja by invoking Lord Ganesha (Vighnaharta) and seek his blessings for a hurdle-free Navratri Vrat.
  • Things you will need Flowers, Roli, Akshat, Sandalwood, Milk, Curd, Sugar, Honey Paan, and Supari.
  • Bathe the goddess with Panchamrit – a mixture of honey, sugar, milk, curd, and ghee. Offer Roli, Akshat, and flowers.
  • Maa Brahmacharini is said to be fond of hibiscus and lotus flowers, it would be great to offer a garland made of these flowers.

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Navratri 2020 Day 2: Maa Brahmacharini Puja Mantra

दधाना करपद्माभ्यामक्षमालाकमण्डलु| देवी प्रसीदतु मयि ब्रह्मचारिण्यनुत्तमा ||


वन्दे वांछित लाभायचन्द्रार्घकृतशेखराम्।

जपमालाकमण्डलु धराब्रह्मचारिणी शुभाम्॥


गौरवर्णा स्वाधिष्ठानस्थिता द्वितीय दुर्गा त्रिनेत्राम।

धवल परिधाना ब्रह्मरूपा पुष्पालंकार भूषिताम्॥


परम वंदना पल्लवराधरां कांत कपोला पीन।

पयोधराम् कमनीया लावणयं स्मेरमुखी निम्ननाभि नितम्बनीम्॥


देवी प्रसीदतु मयि ब्रह्मचारिण्यनुत्तमा॥


या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ ब्रह्मचारिणी रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥

Navratri Day 2: Maa Brahmacharini Significance

  • The second avatar of Maa Durga which signified Goddess Brahmacharini speaks about signifies love, loyalty, wisdom, and knowledge.
  • The ancient talks suggest that she was born in the Himalayas and it was Devrishi Narada who influenced her thoughts.
  • It was her tapa or penances with determination for several years that she got married to Lord Shiva.
  • Devotees worship Brahmacharini for peace in life, happiness, and for generosity.

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