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Lockdown in Maharashtra may strike again: Uddhav Thackeray

“The priority is saving lives. Jobs once lost can be got back, but we can’t get back the lives that have been lost”, said Uddhav Thackeray, CM of Maharashtra.  

He said that lockdown in Maharashtra may announce again after two days if the covid surge is continued. But, he stated that the decision will have to take consultations with experts. 

The case account has increased to 29.04lakhs, of which 3.89 lakhs are active cases. The mortality ratio has reached 1.91% after the death of 202 patients on Friday, 2 April. 

He further, red-flagged the possible shortage of healthcare infrastructure soon amid the surge of covid-19.

“Today, I am giving indications of a complete lockdown, but I am not imposing it yet,” Thackeray said in an address to the people of the state. “However, in the next two days if I don’t see a change (in the cases), then I will be speaking to experts and if I don’t get another option then the way lockdowns have been imposed in the rest of the world would have to be imposed in the country.”

Maharashtra is the worst affected by corona outbreaks nationwide. On Friday, 47,827 were reported, which is the highest number till now since the pandemic begins. 

He said that 25% of the beds with oxygen and those with ventilator are already occupied, pointing to the possible overwhelmed condition if the condition stays the same. 

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“The way cases are going up, in the next 15 to 20 days our hospitals would be overrun by Covid cases,” he said.

He further added the question before the government was how to break the infection chain.

“Some strict restrictions will have to be imposed in the coming days. In cities, we will need to avoid unnecessary crowding. In Mumbai, there is crowding during peak and non-peak hours in trains. There is crowding in restaurants and other places as well.”

The CM also targeted certain politicians who were against lockdown and said that the government should upgrade health apparatus. 

“Those saying they will take to the streets must come out on the streets. But they should do so not against the lockdown but to avoid the lockdown, to help the doctors, to support the families who have lost their breadwinner, to serve the infected, and to help the administration that is fighting against the virus,” he said.

Thackray stated that he will upgrade the health infrastructure, he asked his critics to made arrangements for 50 doctors and nurses daily.

“I urge all political leaders not to play politics with the lives of the people. The government is taking initiatives for the safety of the people, to restart economic activities, and save jobs. But at the same time, we need to save lives,” he said while seeking cooperation from political leaders and leaders of religious communities.

By giving the details he concluded the number of oxygen beds available and those which are occupied.

“This situation is very worrying. If the situation remains the same, there will be a shortage of health infrastructure in the next 15 to 20 days. I have given orders to upgrade health infrastructure wherever required. We will be able to increase the number of beds, ventilators, and others. But how can we increase the number of doctors, nurses, and health workers?” he asked.

“Yesterday, we vaccinated three lakh people and till Thursday, 65 lakh people have been vaccinated. We can vaccinate 6 lakh to 7 lakh people daily. It will be done when the supply of vaccine is increased,” he added.

He further added, “Even if the situation in Maharashtra is shocking, we are putting the truth before the people. Some people tell me to look at other states… elections were held in Bihar and are going on in West Bengal, but there is no rise in cases. I don’t want to talk about it. I love my Maharashtra and its people,” he said, adding that he is ready to be labeled a “villain” for people’s safety.

He appreciated the lockdown by giving examples of France, Belgium, Ireland, and others who also adopted the lockdown method to break the infection chain. they are hoping that if lockdown in Maharashtra may help in breaking the infection chain too.



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