Limousine Mercedes-Benz A-Class – Is the infotainment sufficient?

MBUX is a cutting-edge infotainment interface. The MBUX suite is available throughout the model range of the newly introduced A-Class Limousine. The MBUX in the A-Class is explained in detail below.

For a better user experience, this device combines cutting-edge technology with artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to your inputs. When you say “Hey, Mercedes,” Mercedes-Benz has a smart virtual assistant that reacts. It can carry out almost any order that can be carried out using keys. The MBUX also supports software updates over the air.

Mercedes Benz A Class Limousine
Mercedes Benz A-Class Limousine
  • In the A-Class Limousine, Mercedes-Benz has provided two widescreen high-resolution 10.25-inch displays. The digital driver monitor is controlled by a small steering-mounted capacitive touchpad, while the central information display is a touchscreen controlled by steering-mounted switches or a trackpad and shortcut buttons on the center console.
  • Two circular dials double as a speedometer and tachometer on the optical driver display. Between the dials are two menu bars that display important vehicle information and allow you to adjust certain settings. Furthermore, the ring-shaped dials can show a full-screen map and display various details. You have the option of changing the show theme to classic, sport, progressive or understated.
  • The infotainment touchscreen provides access to a broad variety of features. The main menu controls essential functions like the phone, navigation, radio, music, data, and settings, while an easy access menu controls the Mercedes app, dimmable ambient lighting, screen brightness, seat functions, mobile connectivity, and so on. The panel displays themes for the infotainment display when you swipe up. For the AMG line A35 4Matic, there are additional functions that enable you to adjust the car’s mechanicals.

The best route to your destination is shown by an in-built navigation app, which uses real-time satellite data. It can also assist you in locating a nearby parking space, restaurant, or café. Interestingly, if you say, “Hey, Mercedes, I’m hungry, find an Italian restaurant for me,” the MBUX virtual assistant will check for a restaurant for you. Using voice commands, the virtual assistant can also provide directions and search for a place.

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