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Johnson & Johnson sells products with a Racial Mindset: Despite fears of Powder Causing Cancer

Johnson & Johnson company stopped selling its baby powder in North America last year

The National Council of Negro Women, a group of black women in the US, has filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. It is alleged that the company insisted on selling it to black women by doing fraudulent marketing knowing that its powder could cause cancer.

According to the council, Johnson sold powders and related products to black women in America with a racial mindset. They knew that this product could be used by black women, but if they got sick, they would have to face more difficulties than other women.

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Black women in America

  • Black women in America do not get medical facilities soon, most do not even have health insurance.
  • Council spokeswoman Wanda Tideline said she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012, while no one in her family history had the disease. She had been using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder for many years because the company has been saying it is safe in its advertisements.
  • It is worth noting that Johnson & Johnson is already facing 25,000 lawsuits due to its powder and related products.
  • It is alleged that these products caused diseases like ovarian Cancer and mesothelioma in women. Women even lost their lives.
  • The company has started setting aside Rs 3,000 crore every year for expenditure on such cases.

Black women target from salon to church

  • It is alleged that Johnson & Johnson Company was trying to sell a maximum quantity of powder by targeting black women since 1992.
  • In the company’s internal interactions, these women were told an opportunity to sell their products in large quantities.
  • Attempts were made to sell the powder to women everywhere from salons to churches and concerts to radio commercials.
  • A special advertisement was mentioned in which this powder was considered very special for black women of 18 to 49 years.

Seeking directions to the company

  • The women who sued in state court in New Jersey have sought direction from the company to provide services for early cancer screening in black women.
  • Create a medical monitoring system. She has also been asked to bear the cost of this litigation. The trial of this case is likely to start soon.

Already have to pay thousands of crores

  • The company stopped selling its baby powder in North America last year.
  • The reason was attributed to the decrease in demand. But in the lawsuit filed by 22 women calling them carcinogenic, the real reason is a fine of thousands of crores of rupees.
  • The appeal in the Supreme Court against this has also been dismissed in June. Courts are also hearing 25 thousand other cases.

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