International Nurses Day 2021| Wishes|Quotes 

International nurses day 2021: on that day, the world’s best nurse was born in 1820, named Florence nightingale. On the international day of nurses, the entire nursing unit of the world paid respect to Florence Nightingale, an English nurse, a social reformer, and a statistician who set up the key pillars of modern nursing. 

This international nurses day could not be more grateful to our real heroes nurses during this time of a global pandemic. All the nurses are an example of a real service provider, even risking their lives. They are playing a role as a backbone of hospitals and clinics to take care of the patients with covid-19 from the beginning of this pandemic. As per the world health organization ”nurses account for more than half of all the world’s health workers, yet there is an urgent shortage of nurses worldwide with 5.9 million (2020) more nurses still needed, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

 Theme of international nurses day 2021

The theme for international nurses day this year is Nurses: A Voice to Lead – A Vision for Future Healthcare. Nurses are continuously working as front-line workers and putting their efforts to help the patients as much as they can. 

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”Amid the COVID 19, nurses around the world are showing courage and dedication and suffering personal sacrifice to care for others. Show solidarity on Wednesday’s International Nurses Day and every day,” the United Nations posted on Twitter. 


Happy Nurses Day to all the wonderful nurses of the world! The dedication you show towards your job is marvelous and praiseworthy.

Happy Nurses Day to all the nurses who take the front rows in the battles against epidemics like the true warriors! Our respect to you!

Happy Nurses Day to an amazing nurse! Thank you for sacrificing most of your weekends on the patients instead of going to movies!

 Thanks for taking such good care of people on the most difficult days of their life. Thanks for your unconditional services and patience. International Nurses Day 2021

 May all the care and kindness you give to others come back to warm your heart. Happy Nurses Day to you.

Your tender care, love, and understanding have made a difference in the lives of so many. Hope you have the same smiling day as you make for others. Nurses Day 2021

 To the nurses who give so much of themselves to others every day. International Nurses Day 2021

 Every nurse is an angel with a key to a healthy community. Happy Nurses Day!

Greetings to you on International Nurses Day. Your care is truly exceptional. Thank You for doing all that you do.


Caring is the essence of nursing – Jean Watson

God appoints our graces to be nurses to other men’s weaknesses – Henry Ward Beecher

Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon – Dag Hammarskjold, Diplomat

A nurse will always give us hope, an angel with a stethoscope – Carrie Latet

Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription – Val Saintsbury






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