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International Museum Day 18th May : Theme ,Significance & Quotes

Key Points – 

  • International Museum Day 2021 is aimed to be celebrated to spread & Exchange Cultural Variations among society. 
  • However, the theme for International Museum Day 2021 is The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine.
  • It denotes the role of museums in Recovering the future & Reshaping it well.

History of the Day – 

International museum day has been celebrated since 1977. The main objective of International Museum Day is to let people know the significant role played by museums in preserving the culture and heritage of countries.

As museums are not just huge buildings, they are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of culture, and also the development of mutual understanding itself. 

The first International Museum Day was celebrated 40 years before. Last year, over 37,000 museums of about 158 countries participated in the International Museum Day event.

Theme & Significance of the Day – 

The international Museum events are being organized all over the world. 

Therefore, On the day of international Museum day 2021, so many professionals and many other individuals continue to share their ideas, thinkings and another business model for discussing the other innovative ideas, etc. 

Famous Museums In India – 

In India, there are a number of the most famous and prosperous museums in India are as follows – 

The Indian Museum, Kolkata: The largest and oldest museum in India, the Indian Museum has rare collections of antiques, fossils, mummies, and Mughal paintings among others. It was founded by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Kolkata in 1814.

The Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad: One of the National Museums of India, the Salar Jung Museum is known for its great collection of sculptures, paintings, carvings, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic artifacts, carpets, clocks, and furniture from Japan, China, Burma, Nepal, India, Persia, Egypt, Europe, and North America. 

The National Museum, Delhi: One of the best museums in the Indian subcontinent, the national Museum has around 150,000 items covering some five millennia. 

Quotes & Wishes – 

  • “A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can”—Maira Kalman
  • “Real museums are places where Time is transformed into Space”—Orhan Pamuk
  • “Museums should be places where you raise questions, not just show stuff”—William Thorsell
  • “The primary purpose of the Museum is to help people enjoy, understand, and use the visual arts of our time”—Alfred H. Barr, Jr.
  • “The most basic task of any museum must be the protection of works of cultural significance entrusted to its care for the edification and pleasure of future generations”—Martin Filler
  • “A country that has few museums is both materially poor and spiritually poor…Museums, like theatres and libraries, are a means to freedom”—Wendy Beckett
  • “Give me a museum and I’ll fill it”—Pablo Picasso

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  • “Museums are tombs, and it looks like everything is turning into a museum”—Robert Smithson
  • “Individually, museums are fine institutions, dedicated to the high values of preservation, education, and truth; collectively, their growth in numbers points to the imaginative death of this country”—Robert Hewison.
  • “History is representational, while time is abstract; both of these artifices may be found in museums, where they span everybody’s own vacancy”—Robert Smithson

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