How to Improve Gaming Performance on Smartphones

how to improve gaming performance on smartphones

How to Improve Gaming Performance on Smartphones? Many of you have spent money on buying expensive smartphones games like PUBG. But the question is, What is the need of buying an expensive smartphone for playing games? No doubt using an expensive smartphone add to its gaming performance. 

Many budget smartphones also deliver a decent gaming experience. Gaming performance depends on the internal hardware of smartphones. But the internal hardware is not only the factor other tips and tricks can also help to improve performance.

So here are the tips for “How to Improve Gaming Performance on Smartphones”.

15 Tips For “How to Improve Gaming Performance on Smartphones”

1- Turn off all the Background Apps

  • Before playing games turn off the background apps it frees up RAM.
  • If your smartphone has a limited amount of RAM this trick will improve the performance while playing.

2- Enable Dolby Atmos Sound

  • Dolby Atmos‘ sound enhances the audio quality of your games.
  • So, if your Android phone supports it, you can turn on this feature and enjoy better quality sound in your games.

3- Turn Off Power-Saving Mode

  • By reducing the brightness, clock speed, etc you can save power more and the battery consumption reduces.
  • But make sure before playing games you turn of the power-saving mode.

4- Remove the Junk from the Smartphone

  • When your smartphone is full of files the performance will decrease.
  • If your smartphone consist of files or apps that you are not using for long delete them.
  • It will improve the performance and improve the gaming experience.
  • Junk in smartphones is collected through many sources like uninstalled apps, leftovers, old media files, deleted media files, etc.
  • All together create junk n your smartphones which are needed to be deleted.

5- Use Game Mode

  • Most of the smartphones have their version of game mode in it.
  • That game mode helps in improving the gaming performance without much trouble.
  • Game mode optimizes the phone’s performance, hence the gaming experience of smartphones automatically increases.

6- Use a Game Booster App

  • Nowadays, there are apps available that optimize your Android device for gaming.
  • To ensure that you play the game smoothly and easily, these game booster apps will improve your performance.
  • They will also turn off notifications so that you are not interrupted while playing.
  • You don’t need to customize each option manually as the app does it for you with a single tap.
  • For games, you can use a game booster free game optimization app to optimize your Android device.

7- Overlock the Phone CPU

  • A practical and important tip for real mobile gaming lovers.
  • Overclocking your smartphone’s CPU allows you to extract more power from the same processor.
  • Overlocking the CPU will let your game process more times at once and the gaming performance improves.
  • Remember you need to root your smartphone before overclocking.
  • Most of the smartphones available there has the feature of overclocking the CPU.
  • To overclock an Android phone, you need to install a custom kernel first.
  • You can then use an app like the popular Franco Kernel Manager to overclock your CPU.
  • Overclocking will heat your phone and shorten your battery life, but it can also squeeze every drop of power out of your device.

8- Use Game Booster Apps

  • You can use game booster apps like Panda Game Booster & GFX Tool for Battleground to improve the gaming experience.
  • The game booster app will optimize the smartphone’s performance for gaming activities.
  • To deliver the best gaming performance the game booster apps will turn off all the unnecessary activities automatically.

9- Go for a Good WIFI connection 

  • For a smooth gaming experience go for a good WIFI connection.
  • It will deliver the best gaming experience to you because the speed of the internet connection affects the gaming performance.

10-Turn On Force 4x

  • Not all smartphones support Force 4x. But smartphones that support this feature add to the gaming experience.
  • Force 4x enhances the quality of your games and improves performance.
  • This Force 4x drains out the phone’s battery quickly that’s why in most of the phones this feature comes disabled.
  • If you do not care about the battery life of smartphones you can enable this feature. It will surely provide you with a good gaming experience.

11- Adjust Game Settings

  • To the game graphics settings of your smartphone, you should always make some adjustments.
  • It will help you in getting better frame rates and a smooth gaming experience.

12- Change the Screen Refresh Rate

  • For better animation and visuals you need to change the screen refresh rate.
  • Many models like Samsung and ONePlus allows you to change the screen refresh rate.
  • So if your smartphone has this feature change the screen refresh rate to the highest it offers. It will improve the visuals and animations.

13- Avoid Using Live Wallpapers and Widgets

  • Live wallpapers and live weather updates slower your smartphone performance, take a lot of memory, and also drains the battery.
  • For a smooth gaming experience, you need to clear up your home screen of live wallpapers and widgets.
  • Cleaning your home screen may sound daunting but it is one of the most effective ways to increase the gaming performance of your smartphones.

14- Disable Unnecessary Bloatware Apps

  • There are a few pre-installed apps on your smartphones which you can not uninstall or delete.
  • Task killers also can’t kill these pre-installed apps from running in the background.
  • These bloatware apps took a lot of memory and slow down the functioning of your device.
  • So for enhancing the gaming experience you can disable these bloatware apps.

15- Factory Reset

  • Factory Reset means that you are restoring your device to its original state and settings.
  • In other words, you are making your phone as new as you bought it.
  • It will reset all the settings and delete all the saved data on your device.
  • However, a factory reset should be considered as an option to improve the gaming experience only if you have backed up your phone’s data online or on any other device.

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