Wednesday, September 28

For Women infected by Covid during Pregnancy, Vaccine is necessary for them after Delivery

Corona vaccine is completely safe and effective in pregnant women

If a woman is infected with corona during pregnancy, then she should get the vaccine immediately after delivery. The Union Health Ministry has made it mandatory for the health workers and immunization personnel of all states to counsel pregnant women before the vaccine.

  • The states have been instructed that posters related to this should be issued at all immunization centers so that the employees know how to clear the misconceptions related to vaccination among pregnant women.
  • The ministry said that it would be wrong to claim that there is no corona infection after vaccination. This is an illusion.
  • Corona infection can occur even after they are vaccinated, but it will not be fatal after taking both doses of the vaccine.
  • About one in five million women develop a symptom within 20 days of being vaccinated, which also requires prompt diagnosis.

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The ministry has told the employees that if anyone finds any problem or symptoms after giving the vaccine, then it is necessary to immediately examine it and give further treatment, but after vaccination, not only the pregnant woman but also the baby in her womb could be saved.

The ministry said that the protective effect of the vaccine for the fetus or the baby has not yet been found, but the corona vaccine is completely safe and effective in pregnant women. Any kind of rumor should not be paid attention to.

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