For 2022, Honda Civic Sedan Gets A Sporty Makeover

Honda’s Civic is arguably the most significant concept. Not because it’s the most fun money can buy, but because it’s been the most affordable Swiss Army knife for over 50 years. These are different days. With crossovers and trucks leading the market, the sedan has less leeway. Rather than slashing costs, Honda has unveiled an entirely new concept that is backed by a winning formula. The Civic 2022 has arrived.

The Civic, now in its 11th generation, is a little longer, wider, and taller than the previous generation, but it’s still small enough to be considered a compact at 184 inches bumper to bumper. It foregoes the avant-garde styling of the previous iteration, which drew mixed reviews, in favor of a more traditional design inspired by its bigger brother, the Accord.

Honda Civic Sedan 2022
Honda Civic Sedan 2022

This is no coincidence, as the Civic 2022 borrows styling cues from the Accord. A low, long hood for a slimmer stance, a fastback roofline in the back, and a slew of wide-set LEDs that are now traditional.

It’s less evolutionary under the hood. The base engine is a 2-liter inline-four, while the 1.5-liter turbo-four is standard on EX trims and up. Both engines are linked to a CVT transmission. Fuel economy increases across the board, with highway mileage reaching up to an EPA-certified 42 MPG.

There was no mention of an interior when the Civic Prototype debuted in late 2020. We just had scribbled drawings to go on, which highlighted some specifics while omitting others. We can see why Honda held back now that it’s been unveiled in all its glory. It represents a quantum leap forward.

Honda Civic Sedan 2022
Honda Civic Sedan 2022

Instead of the previous Civic’s cocoon-like configuration, the current Civic adopts an open environment that works in tandem with the low hood. It’s a jumble of high-end fabrics, cutting-edge technology, and quirky features to enjoy in between. The air vents cleverly concealed in the honeycomb mesh grate that extends across the dashboard are one detail that leaves a lasting impression.

Honda’s new infotainment system does not have a widescreen display. A 7-inch screen is standard, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and physical buttons have returned. The Touring model includes a 9-inch setup as well as a Bose sound system. Similarly, the gauge cluster in front of the driver has a 7-inch panel, which increases to 10.2 on the top-end model.

If the old Civic’s production cycle is followed, it will be launched at the same time as Honda’s hatchback version, with the hot hatch following closely behind. Honda has big shoes to fill if they want to build on what has been dubbed the best-handling front-drive car of all time, based on the performance of the previous Type-R.

Honda Civic Sedan 2022
Honda Civic Sedan 2022

This isn’t a fresh challenge for Honda, as the 2022 Civic will mark the 50th anniversary of the Civic. Meanwhile, the sedan is expected to hit showrooms in late summer 2021.

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