Fear of Taliban: People are Competing to Leave Afghanistan, Long Queues for Passport Applications

Taliban called China his friend

With the withdrawal of US and NATO forces, the growing influence and occupation of the Taliban have raised fear among the citizens of Afghanistan. Because of this, Afghan citizens want to leave the country as soon as possible. Due to this a huge crowd of people has started gathering outside the passport office in Kabul. People standing in the line of passports themselves say that we may have to leave the country at any time in the deteriorating situation.

In fact, due to the way the Taliban is spreading in the rural areas of Afghanistan, due to which the resourceful Afghan citizens are looking for a way to go abroad. Abdel Khalid Nabiyar, 52, who once ran a shop at a NATO military base in Kabul since 8 a.m. in a long passport queue, now feels unsafe. They say people want them to be prepared before the situation gets worse.

A police officer making arrangements here said that 10,000 people are now coming for applications in a single day as against the usual 2,000. By 5 am, 36-year-old engineer Khullullah had come to the passport office with his wife and children. He told that 300 people had already queued up before him. He told that now to live in this country is to play with the lives of family members.

Hope for a bright future is in vain

  • When we were kids, our family said that the Taliban killed people and made them disappear,” said 23-year-old computer science student Zeenat Bahar Nazri, who was waiting in line for passport applicants.
  • He was violent towards women. But then she was very young, whereas what she is seeing now shows that her hope for a bright future is in vain if she thinks of studying to move forward.
  • The Taliban is just the face of terror, which only relies on fighting, suicide bombings, and bloodshed,” he said. Our life is in danger, we have no choice, says 52-year-old Sardar.

Taliban reached China, assured the foreign minister of security

  • A Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who claims to have captured 90 percent of Afghanistan’s territory with the US withdrawal, has reached China for the first time.
  • These leaders have met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and assured him that Afghan soil will not be used against China’s security.
  • Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem tweeted that the Tianjin meeting discussed issues of politics, economy, security of both countries, the current situation in Afghanistan, and the peace process.
  • Afghanistan shares its border with China’s Xinjiang where Uighurs are in large numbers and are in contact with the Taliban.
  • China’s concern is that the Taliban have captured the border with China. But under the influence of Pakistan, the Taliban is showing interest in building relations with China. He called China his friend.

Spin Boldak: Taliban starts Tax Collection

  • The Taliban, which has taken control of many parts of Afghanistan, is now collecting taxes here.
  • The Taliban, which occupied the country’s border district of Spin Boldak, imposed a new tax on Tuesday and started collecting taxes on goods coming into Afghanistan or going to Pakistan by making their posts.
  • A day earlier, Pakistan has opened its borders for business activities after two weeks. Government officials in Kabul, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Taliban were now collecting taxes from trucks and containers entering Afghanistan or going to Pakistan.

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