Divya Khosla Kumar comes in Pearl’s support and Questioned Victim’s Mother Ekta Sharma

Ekta Sharma victim’s mother said on a Instagram post that truth shall come out

After the arrest of Pearl V Puri, the television industry came out in support of him, claiming that the allegations against him were false. On Monday night, actress Ekta Sharma, who is the victim’s mother, took to her social media handle to break her silence on the matter. She revealed why she did not address the press on the matter.

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Ekta Sharma Victim’s Mother

A lot of people are calling and asking me to come to the media and speak. My silence should not be construed as my weakness. My respect and faith in the judiciary have made me take this step. Many people have chosen to ridicule me and my daughter in public which is not permissible by law. Publicizing a victim’s name in public is an offense. I choose to remain silent as I am not the complainant in the case. Whatever is true shall come out. The matter is sub Judice and hence I am not speaking to anyone as the custody case is pending in the Highcourt and it’s my earnest request to all that please don’t make a mockery of the legal system as I have given my statement to the concern authorities. Let the truth prevail,” Ekta Sharma wrote.

Divya Khosla Kumar comes out in Pearl V Puri support

Actress-filmmaker Divya Khosla Kumar is the latest person to talk about the case, expressing concern about the potential impact of the case on Pearl’s career. He had worked with the actor in the hit music video Teri Aankhen.

“Who will be accountable for his aborted career if and when he is proven not guilty? It’s a very serious charge, and it will have far-reaching repercussions on Pearl V Puri career. He was just starting out in life. Television had given him stardom and I can tell you, he was on the verge of signing a very big film. Now everything is lost,” Divya Khosla Kumar told

She also wrote a long Instagram post questioning the role of the parents of the alleged victim in the case against Pearl. “…I want to know why the police didn’t arrest hi in 2019 when this case was registered…the reason is that in the FIR registered it was mentioned that she was with the mother when the child was molested.
Pearl’s name was not mentioned anywhere in the FIR. (I myself read the FIR when Pearl’s mother called me for help yesterday),” reads a part of her Instagram post.

She also commented on Ekta Sharma post. “Pearl lost his father recently, his mother is a cancer patient… she has no one to help her .. she has been calling me repeatedly crying …. He has been put behind bars in a rape case under such strong sections that there is no bail … High court is closed due to Covid & holidays …. in the meantime if something happens to Pearl’s mother who should we hold responsible ???? Coz the law will take its own time …. U have enough time on hand but a senior citizen suffering from cancer …. Do you realize the sensitivity of the whole case ?” she wrote on Ekta Sharma post.

Producer Ekta Kapoor, on Saturday, had claimed to have spoken to Ekta Sharma who vouched for Pearl’s innocence. She told Kapoor that it was her estranged husband who made up the case to win an ongoing custody battle for their daughter. However, the police have claimed that they have evidence against Pearl in the case.

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