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Did Sidharth Shukla get a Heart Attack because of Smoking?

Sidharth Shukla

The shocking news of the death of the Bigg Boss 13 winner and well-known TV name Sidharth Shukla due to a heart attack has created a sensation. Apart from the age of 40-year-old Sidharth Shukla, looking at his fitness, no one can guess that even such a fit person can lose his life due to a heart attack.

After all, what would have happened that even after being so fit at such a young age, Sidharth Shukla could be a victim of a heart attack. Yes, a fit person can also die of a heart attack and doctors have also told about this. Sidharth Shukla was first seen by people in Colors TV’s famous show ‘Balika Vadhu’. With this show, he had become the choice of each and every household.

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Smokers at risk of heart attack

If doctors are to be believed, looking healthy or healthy is not a guarantee that you will not have any heart-related diseases.  People who look healthy, are very careful about their diet and exercise, they can also lose their lives due to this disease.

Siddharth’s height was 6 feet and his weight was about 75 kg. According to experts, people who smoke and do heavy exercise are at high risk of a heart attack. Those people can be victims of blockage from 40 to 50 percent. People who suffer a heart attack in puberty are more likely to smoke too much. Their lives can be lost even in 10 percent blockage.

According to experts, blood clots are formed rapidly due to heavy exercise and smoking. In such a situation, fewer chances of blockage can also be more. Sudden/Uncertain and complete blockage of the artery may invites heart attack up to 100%. This situation is the same as water getting stuck in a narrow pipe.

What is a Heart Attack?

Manoj Kumar, Director, and Cardiologist, Max Hospital says, “There are three arteries supplying blood to the heart. One is on the right and two are on the left. If a blood clot forms in those arteries and the blood supply to the muscles is cut off, it is called a heart attack.

Due to its closure, the heart function stops completely and death in the first hour is due to arrhythmia and most of the deaths are due to this.

Regarding cardiac arrest, Doctor Kumar says, ‘It happens due to a heart attack. Cardiac arrest can occur even if the heart rate is slow. There is also a risk if the heart rate becomes too slow. A cardiac attack is caused by a heart attack. This occurs when the heart attack is heavy or when an entry is closed. In the case of cardiac arrest, the exchange of information between the inner parts of the heart is interrupted. Because of this, there is a bad effect on the heartbeat

According to, cardiac arrest occurs suddenly. There is no warning from the body. Usually, due to electrical disturbances in the heart, the rhythm of the beat gets disturbed. If the right supportive treatment is not received at the right time, cardiac arrest leads to death within minutes.

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Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest both problems are both related to each other

Cardiac arrest and heart attack are both closely related. Sometimes there is a possibility of a cardiac arrest during a heart attack or even during its recovery. Due to a heart attack, the heartbeat does not stop immediately, so the patient is more likely to survive a heart attack than a cardiac arrest.

Note- During a heart attack, the heart doesn’t stop beating. The heartbeat stops when a heart attack transforms into a cardiac arrest.

Alert- Danger to those under 50

According to experts’ advice, 8 out of 10 heart blockages lead to cardiac arrest. There can be many reasons for this. Oxygen supply can also stop due to a clot in the lungs, your heart can stop functioning due to sudden bleeding in the brain, and many such reasons. According to the Indian Heart Association, 50% of cases in India occur in which men who die of heart attacks are below 50 years of age.

At the same time, there is 25 percent lose their lives at the age of less than 40. People who have a family history of heart attacks, who travel a lot, are overweight or have diabetes, are heavy smokers, and do more exercise, their life can be lost due to heart attack.

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