Wednesday, September 28

Covid-19 Third Wave is Approaching Maharashtra Amid Surge of Delta Plus Variant

Maharashtra has been the hotspot in the first and second waves of covid-19 infection, which is why it is on the top of the list of the spread of infection once again. The highest number of delta plus variant is observed in Maharashtra across the country. Which has now covered almost 12 other states of the country. As of now the total number of delta plus cases has reached up to 56, so is this an indication of a new curse in the form of covid-19 third wave.

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Coronavirus is attacking the globe with its continuous evolution. After numerous virus strains, the delta plus variant seems most dangerous and scary. The spread of infection from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh is alarming for the third wave soon in the country. Moreover, this new double mutant variant is further changing its structure. The first case of the new variant was also found in Maharashtra, and soon it spread into 12 different states. According to the officials, if a big measure isn’t taken up by the government soon it can result in the third wave in Maharashtra.

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The rate of infection can reach up to 8 lakhs, with 10% infections in children. If we glance at the covid cases in Maharashtra in the last week then the overall covid-19 cases are concerning as not even single day cases were reported less than 6,000.

India was the first country in Asia to report the first case of the new strain. Including India, 7 other Asian countries are highly affected by the new variant. India is on the top in terms of infection in Asia, and second in the world. After India Turki is strongly affected by the covid infection. You will be surprised to know that Iran is dealing with the 5th layer of covid.

In Indonesia, the lockdown has been extended due to the continuous spreading of delta plus variants. Similarly, Iraq, the Philippines, and Pakistan are having loads of infection spread non-stop. Early measures are vital to deal with this curse. Covid vaccination shortage is another big challenge for India and the delta plus variant is arising as a big milestone in the recovery of countries from covid-19 and inviting covid-19 third wave.



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