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Country rising above religion-caste community: ‘Uniform Civil Code should be implemented’ Delhi High Court’s comment

A Uniform Civil Code refers to one law for the whole country, applicable to all religious communities in their personal matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, etc

The Uniform Civil Code has been a topic of discussion in the country for a long time, the Delhi High Court has made an important comment about it. Giving a verdict in a divorce case, the court said that Uniform Civil Code is necessary for the country.

  • Justice Pratibha M. Singh in his judgment said that today’s India has risen above religion, caste, community.
  • In modern India, the barriers of religion and caste are also ending. Due to this change, problems are also coming in marriage and divorce.
  • It is not right that today’s young generation is facing these problems. For this reason, UCC should be implemented in the country.
  • During the hearing, the court said that the Uniform Civil Code, which is expected in Article 44, should now be converted into reality.
  • The High Court also said in its decision that this decision should be sent to the Union Law Ministry so that it can consider it.

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This was the whole matter why Uniform Civil Code become an Important factor for the Country

When the court was hearing a divorce case, the question arose before it whether the decision on divorce should be given according to the Hindu Marriage Act or under the rules of the Meena tribe.

In this case, the husband wanted a divorce as per the Hindu Marriage Act, while the wife wanted her to come from the Meena tribe, then divorce accordingly as the Hindu Marriage Act does not apply to her. Therefore, she wanted the divorce petition filed by the husband in the family court to be rejected. After this petition of the wife, the husband filed a petition against her argument in the High Court. The High Court allowed the appeal of the husband and felt the need to implement the UCC and said the above things.

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