Corona’s new Lambda variant spread in 30 countries of the world, more dangerous than the Delta variant


The risk of different variants of the coronavirus is increasing worldwide. Amidst the growing threat of the delta variant, a new variant of the coronavirus, the Lambda variant, has emerged. The UK Health Ministry said a new coronavirus strain called ‘Lamda’ is much more dangerous than the delta variant. It has been detected in more than 30 countries in the last four weeks.

The Lambda variant of the coronavirus found in Peru is spreading rapidly in different countries of the world. According to reports, it has caught many countries including Britain. According to the report, so far six cases of Lambda strain have been detected in the UK.

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According to the report, researchers are concerned that the lambda variant may be more contagious than the delta variant. Let us tell you that the first case of the Lamda variant was reported in Peru. This variant is also known as the C.37 strain.

Euro News quoted the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) as saying that the Lambda variant accounts for about 82 percent of the coronavirus case samples reported during May and June in Peru. The highest number of cases of Lambda Variant has been reported in Peru.

Variant reducing vaccine effect

The Delta variant still has spread fear in many countries of the world including India. It is a matter of concern that different types of reports are continuously coming out regarding the effect of the vaccine on it. Recently, the Israeli Ministry of Health has said that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine has decreased to 64% in Israel. This decline coincides with the spread of the delta variant in Israel.

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Concerns over the effectiveness of the vaccine

The news agency Xinhua quoted the ministry as saying that the new figure is between June 6 and July 3. Between May 2 and June 5, the effect of this vaccine was seen at 94.3%. Meanwhile, concerns have increased with the arrival of the Lambda variant. Especially because this corona variant has an ‘unusual type’ mutation.

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