Wednesday, September 28

Big Update On Google Chrome: Changes You Might See

Google chrome is the most popular internet browser all over the world. And this time Google Chrome is getting a big update. They are rolling out Chrome version 90 with some practical changes to improve video conferencing and reducing data consumption. It is aimed to provide more privacy and PDF XFA forms. There’s FLoC– Google’s new way to track users and show ads. But the feature is still under testing and hasn’t been rolled out widely yet.

Here are some changes you may encounter on the internet browsing for you:

Improved Video Quality with less consumption of data

Video meetings are an essential need in today’s time. Google is trying its best to provide its best features for the users. Chrome 90 comes with new codecs offering better compression, which will improve the quality of video conferencing.

HTTPS protocol is safer and more efficient

HTTPS is set up by default loader. If you open a website, chrome 90 will open the HTTPS version of it. If there’s a new website, chrome 90 will automatically make it an HTTPS version by default. However, earlier Google used to process the less secured HTTP version first.

Better AR experience and gaming

There’s a brand new WebXR Depth-Sensing API to understand the distance between the person and the device on which chrome is running.

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