Biden described the US mission in Afghanistan as a success

Biden said the land of Afghanistan should not be used for terror

US President Joe Biden addressed the nation after the military withdrawal from Afghanistan. In his address, Biden described the US mission in Afghanistan as a success. Also said that America had no other option but to leave Kabul. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent there and this campaign was proving to be extremely costly.

Joe Biden said-

  • What we have done in Afghanistan is a matter of pride. In our presence there was peace in Afghanistan, our mission in Afghanistan was successful. I believe our decision is right and best. The war in Afghanistan is now over.
  • I believe this is the ‘right decision, wise decision, and the best decision’. The war in Afghanistan is now over. I am the fourth president to have faced this issue on how to end this war… I made a commitment to Americans to end this war, I honored it: US President Joe Biden
  • I take full responsibility for this decision. Some people say that we should have taken this decision earlier. I do not agree with this, if it had happened earlier, it would have spread chaos and civil war would have started there. Without challenges and threats, evacuation would not have been possible.
  • I want to make it clear that anyone who tries to harm America or who engages in terrorism against us or allies, America will not allow them to rest in peace. We will neither forgive nor forget him. We will find them and they will have to pay the price.
  • More than 1 lakh 25 thousand people were evacuated. People were fired professionally. What we did cannot be forgotten.
  • There was no other option but to leave Kabul, take full responsibility for the army withdrawal operation. Left Kabul for American interests.
  • We had prepared three lakh soldiers in Afghanistan. There have been many incidents in Afghanistan over the two decades. We spent hundreds of millions of dollars there. I didn’t want to escalate the war.
  • There are 100 to 200 American citizens present there, whoever would like to come to America, we will bring it, the deadline for evacuation of citizens was August 31.
    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Ghani’s escape caused chaos in Afghanistan, the Taliban freed 5000 commandos from prison.
  • The land of Afghanistan should not be used for terror.
  • We are facing tough competition from China, we are also facing challenges from Russia, we don’t want to compete with them in Afghanistan, now we want to move ahead in a new way. Our foreign policy should be in the interest of the country.
  • We will always be ready to help the Afghan people, fight for women, children, and human rights.
    Our 20 years of war in Afghanistan was very difficult, this mission has proved costly for America, we have fought a lot there. I put America’s honor first.
  • Let us tell you that America has vacated Afghanistan after almost 20 years. On August 30, the last batch of US troops left Afghanistan. With this, the US Army also handed over the Kabul airport to the Taliban. With this, the celebration of the Taliban also started here.

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