Audi has transformed the humble steering wheel into a centre of innovation

Since the invention of the car, the steering wheel has undergone major changes. Some automakers are trying to make it easier and more effective. Audi, for example, is designing steering wheels with touch screens and capacitive grip recognition technology, which senses and reacts to the pressure exerted by the driver’s hands.

  • As we wait for a completely self-driving vehicle, the steering wheel is still an important part of driving a car down the lane. Audi has put a lot of effort into this area in recent years, to the point that the most elaborate of its steering wheels, the one used in the Q4 e-Tron, can regulate no fewer than 18 different functions, ranging from communication to infotainment to driver comfort. It is also available in 16 different variations, depending on the customization choices selected.
  • Creating a sophisticated steering wheel necessitates many measures. After deciding which functions will be managed from the steering wheel, it’s time to figure out where they should go, both practically and aesthetically. Of course, you’ll need to decide if each role will be triggered through a physical button or touch control. The finishes will then be determined by the model in question, its theme, and its distinguishing features.

The new steering wheel from the German manufacturer is no exception to these laws. It must also follow stringent requirements, such as being as small as possible so that any power can be controlled with the thumb without interfering with steering.

In recent years, new innovations such as small touch screens and capacitive grip recognition have emerged. To make it easier for the driver to use the haptic feedback touch screens, small bumps form an outline between them. Capacitive grip recognition, on the other hand, helps the car to detect whether the driver is gripping the steering wheel or not, even while using driver assistance.

If the hands are not on the wheel for at least 15 seconds during a semi-automated driving episode, a series of alerts (visual and audible) will be enabled.

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