Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Ukraine’s President stated,”We will not bow down to Russia; We will fight

Ukraine-Russia Conflict
Volodymyr Zelensky says that in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Ukraine will continue to follow only the diplomatic route to a peaceful solution.”

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: After President Putin ordered military action, Russia launched a rapid missile attack on Ukraine. According to the latest information, so far 7 people have died in this attack and Russia has taken control of two villages of Ukraine.

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Ukraine’s President; We Will Not Bow Down To Russia 

  • Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has stated that no matter how hard Russia tries, we will not submit.
  • He stated that we would respond appropriately to any Russian attack.

Russia occupied 2 Ukrainian Villages And Killed 7 People

  • Russia has become even more aggressive with President Putin’s order for military action.
  • According to the latest information, Russia has captured two villages of Ukraine and seven people have been killed in a missile attack in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

In Kyiv’s Brovary 1 Person Was Killed And 1 Was Injured

  • According to Ukraine’s interior ministry, one person was killed and one was injured in Brovary and Kyiv.
  • The shelling of Ukraine continues. This information has been given by the news agency Reuters.

Ukraine Has Declared Martial Law

  • Ukraine has declared martial law in response to Russian attacks.
  • Kyiv Airport is being evacuated as a precaution.
  • Explosions are being reported in a number of locations, including the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, according to the news agency AFP.

Russia Has Become More Aggressive

  • After Russian President Putin ordered military action against Ukraine, Russia has become more aggressive.
  • According to the most recent information, the Russian army has targeted and destroyed Ukraine’s military and air bases.

Russia Has Warned Others To Stay Away

  • There is a fierce war between the two countries, and on the other hand, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, sent the message of war in very strict and direct terms.
  • Putin stated in his message that this is our issue and that no foreign country should dare to intervene. Prepare to face the consequences if anyone dares to intervene.
  • He has also stated that those who interfere will face never-before-seen or heard-of consequences.

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