Ukraine Crisis: Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky Predicts that Russia will Attack on February 16th 


Ukraine’s President, Vladimir Zelensky, has made a significant statement regarding Russia. He made a Facebook post in which he stated that Russia is planning an attack on Ukraine on February 16th. In the post, Vladimir Zelensky wrote, “February 16 will be the day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.”

According to the White House, the US is working closely with allies, including India, to address Russia’s current threat to Ukraine. At the same time, a Pentagon (US Department of Defense) official stated, “The US continues to believe that Putin has not decided to attack, but it is possible that he will proceed without warning.”

As the conflict escalated, the German Chancellor attempted to avoid a Russian attack on the country by traveling to Ukraine. In the midst of a worldwide alert over the development, Britain’s Defense Secretary, James Hippie, stated that Russia can now “attack effectively” without being detected.

On Monday, more NATO troops arrived in Eastern Europe. Despite the ongoing tensions, Russia’s top diplomat suggested on Monday that President Vladimir Putin continue talks with the West on Russian security demands. It is interpreted as a sign that the Kremlin intends to maintain diplomatic efforts in the face of fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia wants assurances from Western countries that the “NATO” alliance will not admit Ukraine and other former Soviet countries as members. The coalition will stop deploying weapons in Ukraine, and its forces will withdraw from Eastern Europe. Western countries, on the other hand, have flatly rejected these demands.

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