UAE becomes first Arab country to successfully reach at Mars


The UAE becomes the first ever Arab country to successfully arrive at mars. The space probe was inserted into martian orbit at 3.57 PM as According to UK time on Tuesday. The space probe named ( Amal in Arabic) or ‘’hope’’ completed the flight of seven months covering more than 493 kilometres to enter into Mars orbit.

This mission makes the united Arab emirates the first Arab nation to reach at the orbits of mars and the 5th space agency to reach over there after the united states, Russia, the European space agency and India itself. Although the china’s Taiwan spacecraft, which is also expected to insert into mars orbit at the upcoming month of April. The spacecraft itself is designed and researched at the three universities of america i.e. the university of Colorado boulder, Arizona state university, and the university of California, Berkeley. 

 According to the UAE space agency scientists said that the mars was abundant with water and very possibility of life. They added ‘’one of the culprits of the transformation into this planet into a dry, dusty one is the atmosphere loss and climate change.’’

The project manager of the United Arab Emirates spacecraft; Omran sharaf announced the completion of the mission. The expectations from this  mission is to monitor the planet’s atmosphere and transmit the data back to earth in September 2021.

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