Monday, September 20

Northeast Delhi has broken the covid code from next to nothing: Delhi 

The northeast district of Delhi did not report even a single case on Thursday, though 5,143 tests were done. Of these 3,000 were tested by the gold RT-PCR test. Almost 11 districts have shown the decline in covid cases but the northeast has been striking. 

On February 13, only a single case was reported, and 4 cases on the day later, and no case on February 15. It reported only 2 cases on Feb 16 and three on Feb 17, before entering with no case on Feb 18. 

The district magistrate, Pankaj Kumar, said that the slipping in positivity rate is due to the consistent efforts on continuous testing and tracing, and isolation. “We have been continuously tracking the contacts of Covid individuals and testing them, he further said.” hence this helps in the early investigation of the infection and immediate action and treatment. This really helps us in controlling the spread of corona infection, said Pankaj Kumar. 

The task has never been easy for us, as about two million people live in close vicinity to each other. “We organize typical tests to cover all areas including slums to planned colonies, said Kumar”.The tests are usually conducted in the marketplace to cover large populations. 

The recent survey of seroprevalence done in the northeast said that about 53.8% of people are found with pathogens in their bloodstream, though over half of the population had got the infection and recovered. 

The 11 districts of Delhi have reported fewer cases in the past six days. Only 10 cases or less than this. Since February 11, the daily cases are about 10 or fewer. During the earlier months of the pandemic, this district had been conducting a high number of covid tests. 

The covid cases are declining in overall 11 districts, as there has been no report of any death in the recent weeks. On February 17, 13, and 9 no district reported single death, hence tone down the constraint on health authorities.  

Arun Kumar Mishra, district magistrate east has revealed that in the past 10 days, east had not tolerated any death due to covid. 

Despite the fact that India is far ahead in the declination of corona infection, but everyone should be conscious about the corona guidelines, as the reverse could occur in coming months, who knows, the pandemic has not over yet, said a health department official. 

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