Monday, September 20

Madras HC took action against the side effects of covidshield vaccine on a vax volunteer

 As of Friday, Madras high court issued notice to the center, and 5 other respondents of the drug regulatory body, including ICMR and the Serum Institute of India, AstraZeneca, and Sri Ramachandra Higher Education and Research

Chennai is asking for an answer for the writ appeal of a Covidshield trial volunteer who stated that he acquired severe side effects after the trial. 

The court after hearing the matter through video conferencing has decided to set down the next hearing on March 26. 

Asif Riaz, a 41 years covid trial volunteer urged to decree on the administration of the covid vaccine to the public and reimbursement of 5 crore rupees for the harm he has incurred after going through the vaccine trial. 

He has suffered from acute neuro encephalopathy after a few days of the vaccine shot, the grievances Asif shared. His health was badly affected by the vaccine, but the manufacturer dissolved it as a side effect. 

The market consultant said that he was diagnosed with multiple tests of the condition, which changes the brain functions and causes personality change, memory loss, diminishing ability to concentrate or recall something. 

Riaz was given the vaccine on October 1, after conducting an antigen-antibody covid test, which was negative.  But on October 11, he woke up with a severe headache, which was later diagnosed with severe disorientation of mental state where he was unable to respond to the environment and was detected with extreme weakness. 

Later on, he was admitted to the emergency in Sri Ramchandra Medical College and Hospital, where he had taken the vaccination. He was shifted to the ICU and stayed till 20th October, then again shifted to the normal ward, till he discharged. 

In those 16 days, he had diagnosed with every possible test to detect the final cause of his condition, and the discharged summary given to him proved that all tests done on him were negative, hence, the severe condition was the set back of the vaccine, he claimed in the appeal. 

Later he sent the notice to the serum institute asking for compensation for the loss he had had.

Though when the case came into the public investigation the drug controller general of India formed an independent committee to investigate the link between the victim’s health and vaccine administration, the committee found no link at all. 

The petitioner said that the vaccine is not safe and can cause fatal side effects to the person’s health. 

However, the center has revealed that no severe side effects have been attributed yet.  

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