Friday, September 17

India is on 3rd rank in covid vaccination: Announced by the Government of India

Announced on Sunday, that India has ranked 3rd topmost country in the world in terms of leading the number of covid-19 vaccine doses administered, by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Only the United States and the United kingdom dominated India, said the government. 

It was revealed by the government in a press release, that 12 states are vaccinated with 2 lakhs beneficiaries each. Uttar Pradesh alone reported about 6,73,542 for all vaccination beneficiaries so far, followed by Maharashtra with 4,73000 and Rajasthan with 4,59000.

An account of 5,775,322 people has been inoculated with the covid vaccine in the undergoing immunization drive countywide as of  7 February, at 8 pm. 

The progressive vaccination coverage encompasses 5,304,546 health care workers and 470,776 front-line workers that include the municipal staff, civil defense staff, police, and so on. Approximately 6 million people are vaccinated across India. 

Nearly, 400,000 people have been vaccinated over 9,000 sessions in the past 24 hours. And around 100,000 sessions have been taken in the country so far. 

There is a progressive rate of people getting immunized day by day. On some days it goes up to 5,00000 individuals getting vaccinated.

Also, the cases of adverse effects are lowest across the world.  Around 1,00,000 adverse events have been reported in health workers in the past 23 days. 

Only 28 people have been hospitalized after followed vaccination, though no strong reactions were encountered. The total percentage of adverse events is about 0.0005%

Contrarily, 22 deaths were reported after vaccination, but none of them were linked to the vaccine. 


“There has been no death attributed to the vaccine, If side effects do occur in one in 1,150 people, then it is hardly a side-effect”, said, VK Paul, member (health), in a debate regarding the safety of the covid-19 vaccine.


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