Friday, September 17

India has one of the highest recovery rates from covid-19 in the world

 India’s recovery rate of covid-19 has been recorded highest among other countries, said, the Union Health Ministry on Sunday. Aside from this, it has also declined the number of deaths since 1 October 2020. 

“Seeing that, since 1 October 2020 the fatality rate is declining continuously, the fatality rate case in India is the lowest in the world, it said.” 

The recovery rate of 97.31 is amongst the highest in the world. The recovery burst to 1,06,11,731 with 11,016 patients getting discharged in a span of 24 hours. The gap between the number of recovered and active cases has stretched up to 1,04,74,164 as of date, the Union Health Ministry points out.

As yet, the number of health care workers and front-line workers vaccinated has exceeded 82 lakhs.

In the cumulative sessions of vaccination, till now 82,63,858 beneficiaries have been inoculated as per the transitional report on Sunday, which includes 59,84,018 health care workers (1st dose), 23,628 health workers (2nd dose), and 22,56,212 front line workers (1st dose). 

On the starting of the second dose of the vaccine on Saturday, February 13, 2,96,211 beneficiaries received the vaccination, out of which 2,72,853 were vaccinated for the 1st dose and the rest health care workers received 2nd dose. 

There is a tremendous rate of recovery from covid countywide, said the ministry by adding 68.55%, total vaccinated beneficiaries from 10 states. 

Kerala has reported an extreme number of single day recovery cases around 5,853 newly recovered cases, followed by Maharashtra with 1,773 recovery cases in a span of 24 hours, and 482 in Tamil Nadu. and also being the lowest in fatality rates, they are on the topmost states for recovery.  

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