Covid cases have declined so far since April 30

As of Tuesday, February 16, 15,000 doses of vaccine were administered across 265 centers in Delhi. Of which 2,356 was the second dose of vaccine received by health care workers.

 Delhi has reported the fewest cases on Tuesday in the previous 292 days. Only 94 new cases were reported, which is really the lowest number of cases after April 30. There were only 74 infection cases followed on April 30. The new cases on Tuesday were reported due to 56,944 new tests at a positivity rate of 0.17%. 

The fatality rate is also declining tremendously. No death was reported on Saturday, February 13, the second time in February when the fatality rate was nill. The same scenerio happened on February 9 when no infection was reported after a gap of nine months.

Though, the rate of RT-PCR slipped specifically over the past few weeks. The capital ran about 38,366 RT-PCR tests in one week ending February 16, as odds with it was performing 41, 493 tests at the start of the year.  

Experts have notified that if this continuously falls off, then it will guard off the capital if the outbreak upturn. As the new variant may surprise with its new symptoms or outcomes.  

In December the capital covered about 76,500 tests each day, which shrunk to only 61,100 tests in January and 57,700 as of February, according to the data shared by the Delhi government. 

Well, experts said that the infection would be in control if a positivity rate of 5% or less than it will be maintained for certain weeks.

“The reason for the declining cases is the immunity acquired by people against exposure to coronavirus, said Dr. Lalit Kant, former head of the department of epidemiology and infectious disease at the Indian Council of Medical Research. “

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