Friday, September 17

Brazil signed a contract to buy 20 million covid vaccines from Bharat biotech of India

On Thursday, Brazil’s health ministry signed a contract to buy 20 million Covaxin vaccines, the corona vaccine manufactured by Bharat Biotech of India, for delivery in the middle of March and May. The health ministry said in a statement that the contract is worth 1.6 billion reais which is around $ 290,000. Expectedly the first 8 million doses will arrive in March.  

To pick up the speed in purchasing vaccines in Brazil and dealing with the second lethal corona strain outbreak, the ministry said it published new rules last week passing out the bidding process. 

As of Thursday, brazil reported 1,541 cases of death due to corona infection. This was the highest death toll since the outbreak happened. 

The South American country, along with 65,998 new cases, has now registered 10,390,461 cases, the third-highest outbreak beyond the United States and India. 

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