Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Indian Embassy Advises Citizens to Leave Ukraine Amid Uncertainties

Russia-Ukraine Crisis
Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Ukraine claims that concerted diplomatic efforts with Western partners have prevented a threatened Russian invasion

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: The threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine is growing all the time. The US embassy in Kyiv has already been relocated to Lviv due to the current situation on the ground.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine has now issued an advisory requesting that Indian students return to India. Keep in touch with the Indian National Embassy in Ukraine as well. According to some reports, Putin will order an attack on Ukraine without warning, which could happen at any time.

“According to an advisory issued by the Indian Embassy in Kyiv, due to the insecurity of the current situation in Ukraine,  Indian citizens residing in Ukraine, particularly students, who do not need to stay, should leave the country temporarily”.

Indian citizens are also advised to avoid non-essential travel to Ukraine. They are asked to keep the Embassy informed of their location in Ukraine so that the Embassy can contact them when necessary.

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Indian Embassy Operations Will Continue 

The Indian embassy said that the embassy will continue its normal operations in Ukraine to provide all facilities to the Indian nationals. In view of the threat of Russian attack, the US is also moving its embassy from Kyiv to the western city of Lviv in Ukraine. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Washington has decided to move the embassy out of fear of a Russian attack.

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: US Embassy Has Relocated From Kyiv To Lviv

According to State Department spokesman Ned Price, the decision to relocate the embassy from Kyiv to Lviv is based on what the US sees with its own eyes on the ground. He stated that its sole purpose is to protect Americans and their coworkers from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Blinken explained the embassy relocation, saying, “We are temporarily moving our embassy from Kyiv to Lviv due to the rapid buildup of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border.” The Embassy will maintain contact with the Ukrainian government, and diplomatic activities in Ukraine will continue.

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Russian Army Will First Attack Kyiv 

According to reports, Putin will launch an unannounced invasion of Ukraine. However, Britain and the United States say that hopes for peace remain intact and that the path to diplomacy remains open.

Meanwhile, a Western intelligence report has raised “concerns” about a series of attacks. This means Russia will be the first to capture Kyiv by attacking continuously.

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