Friday, September 17

Prime Minister Modi invites the US president Joe Biden and first lady to visit in India

 The first telephonic conversation took place between PM Modi and US president Joe Biden on Tuesday morning. PM Modi conveyed his best wishes and warmest congratulations to US president Biden. This is the first interaction that has happened between the US president Joe Biden and PM narendra Modi after the inauguration presidential ceremony since 20 January. Modi also took the opportunity to invite Biden and the first lady to visit India at their earliest convenience.

According to the ministry of external affairs (MEA), both the leaders discussed the US- India partnership terms and relations among the countries. They have the common ideas and commitment towards the democratic peace and interests. Although they both are looking forward to working in the US – India’s strategic relationship. The leaders discussed the issues of global climate change, global terrorism, international peace ,world security and open and inclusive Indo – pacific region. PM modi welcomed the Biden’s decision towards the re- commitment of Paris agreement and he also highlighted the upcoming India’s strategy in the area of renewable energy. He also appreciated the Biden’s decision to organize a summit of climate leaders in April in the same year. 

As according the the statement by the white house, president Joe Biden is committed to work on US – India relationships,  climate change, global terrorism and to rebuild the global economy with the speedy combat of COVID -19 situation.



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