Monday, September 20

Sri Lanka Clears The New India – Japan Port Project


The Sri Lankan clears the New India – japan port project on Tuesday. They said they’ll allow Indian and japan firms to develop a new container terminal at the country’s main port. This decision has been taken after weeks of discussions among the two countries. 


The agreement between Delhi and Tokyo build a partial agreement upon the East container terminal (ECT), the Sri Lanka government led by the Rajapaksa brothers has decided to offer the west container terminal (WST) to Indian and Japanese companies. 


The Sri Lankan government said the proposal by Adani ports and SEZ consortium was approved by the Indian high commission. According to the Indian government sources. 



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However, according to the official groups in New Delhi, Colombo had been a directly potential advisor with the Adani groups. While the government ‘’was not a part of’’ this discussion. 


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