Friday, September 17

Maharashtra Govt. Banned The Public Gathering As In The Scenario Of Rising Covid – 19 Cases


The chief minister of Maharashtra Mr uddhav Thackeray restricted the political, religious and social gatherings and imposed lockdown in some new areas as a rise of covid – 19 cases. He said on Sunday (21st February) that the daily cases of covid -19 have risen to almost  7000 from 2000 cases in January only. 

Although Maharashtra Sunday reported 6,971 new confirmed cases of covid, whereas, 2471 numbers of cases have been recovered in the last 24 hours. Even though uddhav Thackeray demanded strict measures to be taken from Monday onwards to control the covid- 19 situations. Uddhav Thackeray addressed the television and said’’ the second wave of covid is knocking on our door. Whether it has come or not will be confirmed in the upcoming 10 -15 days.’’

After the sudden spike in the covid cases – night curfews and week-long lockdown will be imposed in the state. Besides this, many educational institutions in some districts have closed the schools, colleges and other educational institutions till 28th February.  Apart from these, 5% of government staff or a minimum of 15 people are allowed in offices/banks. However, the industries that have been given permission earlier can work accordingly as usual.

covid-19 in Maharashtra
covid-19 in Maharashtra



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