Friday, September 17

Kiran Bedi Was Removed As LG Of Puducherry By President Ramnath Kovind


Kiran Bedi was removed as lieutenant governor of Puducherry on Tuesday evening. Although while ordering the removal of Kiran Bedi as the lieutenant governor, the president also issued an order stated that the additional charges will be taken by the governor of Telangana Tamailsai Sundararajan for time being.

This order comes less than 24 hours after four MLA’s submitted their resignation. A communique from Rashtrapati Bhavan said ‘’ the president has directed that Dr Kiran Bedi shall cease to hold the office of lieutenant governor of Puducherry and has appointed, Dr Tamilisai Sundararajan ( the governor of Telangana), to discharge the functions of lieutenant governor of Puducherry, besides, to charge of their duties.’’ 

Apart from these, the statement didn’t specify any reason behind the impeachment of Dr Kiran Bedi. In fact, Puducherry chief minister literally hit the road demanding the removal of the lieutenant governor as he continued to protest near her official residence till the third day in a trot. Ms Bedi is being accused of running the ‘’undemocratic style of government’’ by the chief minister (V Naranyansamy) of the state. He also added that ‘’ she has no respect remains for the constitution, she is constitution herself ‘’, this is not the works of lieutenant governor, she has no independent power or authority. 

Thus, she has been impeached by the government of India. 

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