Monday, September 20

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar voiced the demand for a caste-based census


The chief minister of Bihar, Patna calls for a caste-based census. Nitish Kumar said  ‘’It is important to get this done once’’ afterwards we can have the caste demographics in our society and that will facilitate us in decision – making policies for them to be done. He added that ‘’ I have been demanding a caste-based census for a very long time. Not just me, I have also sent the proposal to the center, multiple times after getting it approved by the state legislature council and state legislature assembly.

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at Bihar Assembly
Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at Bihar Assembly

Although, In the case of Corona he says that Bihar has improved a lot with its active treatment and testing itself. Nevertheless, people need to be very cautious about the infection itself. 

The chief minister added that the second phase of the covid vaccination drive is underway in the state, in which the people who are aged over 50 and below 50 with serious health complications will be administered with the vaccine first. 

The chief minister Nitish Kumar also answered the queries that occurred in the budget session of the parliament. The proceedings will be as earlier. Everyone was asked to stay conscious about wearing a mask in legislative assembly and legislative council and maintain  the other preventive measurement itself. 

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