Monday, September 20

PM To Discuss with CMs plans to make India a manufacturing hub


Prime minister Narendra Modi along with the fellow CMs of the country are planning to make India a manufacturing hub today. Making India a manufacturing hub through the changes and reforms with reimaging agriculture. 

Prime minister Narendra Modi will discuss with the state chief ministers the key aspects of the ‘’national development agenda’’  at the governing council meeting of Niti Aayog on Saturday. pm-modi

Even though most of the chief ministers are supposed to attend, but the chief minister of West Bengal – Mamata Banerjee, and Punjab’s captain Amarinder Singh may skip the event. Along with the manufacturing and farm sector, this agenda also had a significant role in building the health infrastructure especially at the primary level and the grassroots levels itself. Although as according to the sources ‘’ the thrust is to create the jobs’’. The main focus is to reimagine the agricultural crops especially focusing on the diversification of crops, water conservation and food processing at exports. 

This will find ways to increase the skills of human resources development, skilling and upskilling of resources globally. This agenda will boost the relationship between the centre and the state with the improvement of urban infrastructure, digital connectivity and delivery of services through the Bharat network. The sources said, against the backdrop of the pandemic, healthcare and nutrition are the integral targets of the government. 

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