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March 15: World Consumer Rights Day 2021

The theme of world consumer rights day 2021 is to gather all the consumers in a fight to tackle “plastic pollution”.


World consumer rights day is celebrated every year on March 15, to raise global awareness about consumer rights. The day is devoted to aware the consumers of their rights and the need to fight against any social injustice.

The consumer rights day was initiated by President John F Kennedy, who sent a special message to the US Congress on 15th March 1962, in which he officially addressed the issue of consumer rights. He was the first world leader to initiate such a unique step for the consumers. The first consumer movement marked in 1983 and now uses this day every year to organize action on important issues and campaigns.  

The history of consumer rights in India 

The consumer rights movement in India started in 1996 from Maharashtra. After the establishment of the Grahak panchayat in Pune in 1974, institutions for consumer welfare formed in many states and continued to grow. As per the initiative of prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, the consumer bill was passed on 9 December 1986. And came into action after the president’s signature. 

An amendment in this law was made to make consumers more empowered and competent, on 20th July of last year. 

Consumer rights in India 


  • The right to be protected from all kinds of hazardous goods and services.
  • The right to be fully informed about the performance and quality of all goods and services.
  • The right to free choice of goods and services
  • The right to be heard in all decision-making processes related to consumer interest.
  • The right to seek redressal, whenever consumer rights have been informed.
  • The right to complete consumer education. 

The theme of this year 

The theme of world consumer rights day 2021, is to gather all the consumers in a fight to “tackle the plastic pollution”




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