Tuesday, September 21

Govt Reforms Rules For Social Media & Internet

On February 25, the government introduced a new set of rules for social media & internet. The idea behind this is to keep a track of the information shared on the OTT platforms. And to see what type of content is being served to which category of audience.

Some key takeaways from the Intermediateries and Digital Media Ethics Codes Rules, 2021:

  • A monthly compliance report has to be submitted by the publisher. It will consist of all the grievances received and how they tackled them, everything in detail.
  • OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji, etc have to categorize content according to the viewing age. Like U (Universal), U/A (above 7), U/A (13+), U/A (16+), and A for Adults.
  • Content published by OTT platforms and other online publishers should be respectful to India’s sovereignty. Relationships with other countries and the self-regulation of these platforms should be executed. As part of the oversight committee, a government-designated officer can block access to content.
  • For social media agencies, a chief officer has to be appointed and have a nodal context person. That person has to be in touch with law enforcement agencies all day.
  • If some content is deemed offensive by govt, it has to be taken down from social media within 36hrs. However, in the case of sexually offensive content, the time limit is 24 hrs.
  • Moreover, if govt asks for the origin of the content, the platforms have to trace and provide it.

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