This year will See The Introduction of The New Royal Enfield Classic 350

The latest Royal Enfield Classic 350 could be released this year if the timetable holds true. Royal Enfield had previously claimed that a new bike would be released every fifth, whether it was a completely new model or merely an upgrade to an existing model.


Royal Enfield Classic 350
Royal Enfield Classic 350
  • The latest RE Classic 350 will be powered by the same engine that drives the Meteor.
  • The engine is a brand-new 349cc air-oil cooled unit designed to produce more power and lower vibrations.
  • The torque curve on the new Classic 350 is receding, which means the torque output comes in early and there is no space for torque at the higher ends.


  • Most of the current Classic’s features are supposed to be carried on to the upcoming RE Classic 350.
  • A modern J-shaped split frame that helps reduce vibrations would be one of the main improvements.
  • Furthermore, the new frame will improve handling. Other improvements could include a speedometer that is both analog and digital.
  • The instrument unit is likely to adjust, but the digital tripper seen on the Meteor may be available as an add-on. The low-fuel light on the new Classic can be replaced by a digital fuel gauge.

    Royal Enfield Classic 350
    Royal Enfield Classic 350
  • The Meteor’s switches, levers, and grips can now be used on the new bike. Riding the Classic over longer distances would be more comfortable with the new grips.
  • The new iteration is intended to remove the springs under the seats.
  • New color options and alloy wheels could be added to the bike. All of these additions will help to update the Iconic 350’s appearance.

Price:Royal Enfield Classic 350

  • Prices are expected to rise with the new version, suggesting that the bike would cost about Rs 1.75 lakhs.
  • Furthermore, similar to the Meteor, Royal Enfield may introduce new variants for the bike.

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