Friday, September 17

The BMW iDrive 8 is expected to revolutionize self-driving technology

BMW has unveiled the specifications of the next generation of the iDrive interface, which was first announced at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas last January. BMW’s Drive 8 has already taken the whole world by storm and it is no doubt a revolutionary vision for sure.

BMW iDrive 8
  • The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistants’ ability to adjust to the driver’s needs and habits, as well as the current situation, makes it the core operational feature of man-machine interaction – more than ever.
  • The device is designed to work with natural language as well as tactile control on the BMW’s curved display. But that’s not all: iDrive includes the Great Entrance Moments feature, which adds emotion to the driver-car relationship when boarding.
  • Individual attention is maintained during the journey by using the latest My Modes, which communicate with different functions to generate unique moments by combining the vehicle’s operating characteristics with the adaptation of the interior setting.
  • The iDrive system identifies common conditions, learns from them, and suggests how to trigger the functions in the most effective way possible. Furthermore, the remote software update enables BMW cars to receive daily updates over the air, allowing them to incorporate new features and keep up to date.

    BMW iDrive 8
    BMW iDrive 8
  • The benefits of iDrive will be completely illustrated onboard the new fully-electric BMW iX sports activity vehicle, which has been designed from the inside out, as is typical of the Munich manufacturer.
  • The interests and needs of passengers on board the iX are at the core of this innovative new model’s design, which incorporates the latest digital design developments in the human-machine interface down to the last pixel.
  • The BMW Curved Display, which combines the information and control screens in a modern interpretation of the conventional attention display, is a great example of this.
  • The 12.3-inch and 14.9-inch display areas combine into one unit in this ergonomic solution. And data, warnings, and other messages are transmitted according to the ‘Act, Identify, and Inform’ concept, which ensures that information is clearly communicated and only if it is important to the driving situation.


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