Friday, September 17

SUVs over Tesla? Why are people switching from Tesla to SUV?

New electric vehicle registrations topped 1.33 million in the main European markets last year, compared with 1.25 million in China last year. The 18 markets include the states of the European Union (minus 13 countries in Central and Eastern Europe), as well as the United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland.

As Europe emerges as the world’s largest market for electric vehicles, overtaking China, the sale of Tesla has comparatively declined. In 2019, Tesla’s Model 3 took the topmost spot in Europe. However, things went downhill as Tesla is now delivering 12,000 fewer cars than they did in 2019 in Europe.

The reduction of the sale of Tesla cars in Europe is because people are now opting for SUVs, one of them being the Renault Zoe, which is the most popular electric car in Europe currently.

Tesla easily topped the 2019 European EV tables. That year, it delivered more than 109,000 vehicles, making up 31 percent of the region’s electric-vehicle battery market. However, things took a different turn in 2020, with Tesla falling behind both Volkswagen Group brands, which had a 24 percent market share, and the 19 percent market share of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. In 2020, Tesla delivered just 98,000 vehicles (a big decline without a doubt) and only occupied 13 percent of the European Market.

In 2021, considering that the competition is only getting tough each day, It is going to be difficult for Tesla to take its top spot again. But let’s not forget that Tesla’s factory is all set to start its production in the latter half of this year in Germany and chances are that it might increase its production to a great extent. If Tesla is successful in increasing its sales, we might see it on the top once again.

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